Computer Courses

OM Academy - NIELIT Hisar CenterMost jobs today require a working knowledge of certain computer skills. Employers seek and reward employees with the skills and knowledge to send messages across the country via e-mail; use a spreadsheet to create a graph and paste it into a report; add and edit data in a database; understand the implications of file sizes, memory limitations, and network arrangements; and recognize the function and features of modern computer components. Any job candidate who already possesses these skills will stand above those who do not.

n India, In the current computer education scenario, where computer education franchise business is considered to be the most profitable business if it’s marketed and promoted in a professional way. The best way of promoting and education business is by allocating computer education franchise globally and to provide the franchise network with all possible support which can enable them to conduct the computer education business to obtain the highest profitability within the available constraints without degrading the quality of education. If you are an entrepreneur looking for education business opportunities, or an established enterprise/ group looking to enter or expand the area of computer education and It (IT) education and training, then the best computer education franchise will be the perfect platform to achieve your business goals.